Yahoo Mail Login

Yahoo  is an online global portal website that is designed to be an instrument that integrates and publishes a myriad of information for the benefit of people world wide. A user has the ability to create a customized personal homepage geared toward their personal interests. As well, one would be able to search the world wide web and maintain an email account offered free with the web site.

How To Log In

Step 1 – Logging into Yahoo email is very easy. Simply go to  Once you arrive to the website, you will come to this location to sign into your account where you will be able to access your email account.


YahooHomePage2Step 2 – 

  • Type in your user name
  • Type in the password you selected when you created your account
  • Click “Sign In” You will then enter the homepage (as shown above)
  • Once you enter the homepage, locate the  “mail” link at the top left of the page (when you design your homepage the mail location could change)
  • Click the mail link and you will be able to enter your e mail account

Mobile Applications

These mobile applications are available for any smart phone or mobile device. Simply download the app for your particular device and login. You will then be able to access the internet, check email, weather, sports, local and global news and much more.

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How To Register

To register for an account is simple.  As with most any type of registration you will be required to provide some personal information. This will allow you to acquire an account and assist in protecting your information once the account is created.

Step 1 –  Go to  to reach the page that will allow you to create an account.


Step 2 –  Enter Required Information –

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Choose a User Name
  • Choose a  Password
  • Enter Your Mobile Number
  • Provide Your Birthday with the Drop Down Boxes Provided
  • Click the Appropriate Bubble Indicating  Your Gender
  • (Optional) Enter a Recovery Telephone Number
  • Click “Create my account”
  • Provide Human Verification
  • Sign In and Customize Your Homepage


How to Video