Verizon Wireless (myVerizon) Login

Verizon Wireless is a company that specializes in wireless cell phone service. They also provide wireless TV, high speed Internet and email service. This company not only provides wireless services domestic within the United States but also provides international service to residents and businesses in more than 200  countries globally.

How To Login

To login to your Verizon account is easy.

Step 1 – Type into your browser. By scrolling to the bottom of the homepage, you will find links to anything you may wish to visit, address or resolve. If you would like to enter only one area, click that link and sign in

VerizonSigninpage2Step 2 – Once you have arrived at the Verizon Homepage, you will find the location to sign into your account. Type in your User ID or mobile number. For security, you will enter your password on the next page.

Step 3 –  If you would like to check your email from this location or view and pay your bill, you may do so by selecting and clicking either of the links at the bottom of the box.

Step 4 – You may allow the system to remember your user ID by  selecting the “remember me” option. This would be done by checking the box to the left of “remember me” – Click “sign in” to access the following password and complete login

Log In From A Mobile Device

Since Verizon specializes in nearly everything mobile, you would login to your mobile device from the same location you would login on your PC. Simply type in and go to the “Sign in to My Verizon” area.  If you are using a private device and have opted to remain logged in,  login will not be necessary, but is automatic when you click your app link to “My Verizon”


Mobile Applications

Inasmuch as this company specializes in wireless mobile services, there are mobile apps available for nearly all of the smart phones and pads. These apps, especially, will be available on any phone that is purchased through Verizon. If the device was purchased elsewhere, downloads are available online.


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How To Register

In order to be able to manage your accounts and services, you must first register to use Verizon – To register, you will require the following:

Step 1 – To register, you will require the following –

  • Your Billing Telephone Number

As well, you will need one of the following to begin –

  • Your account number
  • or
  • The last amount you paid on your bill
  • or
  • The last bill amount received on your bill


Step 2 – Provide the following –

  • Primary User ID
  • Provide and then confirm your password of choice
  • Create and Provide a Greeting Name
  • Enter Your Gender
  • Enter Your Birth date
  • Select a Secret Question
  • Answer the Secret Question
  • Provide Your Email Address
  • Select Either English or Spanish as Your Preferred Language
  • Review and Agree to Terms and Conditions (you must agree in order to access an account with this company)
  • You Will Have the Opportunity to Enroll in Paperless Billing

Step 3 –  What to Expect Next –

  • Once you have registered, you should expect to receive two separate emails. One will be a Welcome letter explaining the benefits of registration with Verizon
  • The second email will provide you with the steps you must take to validate the email address that you have provided. It will be these steps that will complete your registration

Step 4 – You May Now Login to

From there you will be able to –

  • Check your balance and payment history
  • Review any accounts that you currently have
  • Make payment arrangements if needed
  • Review and add products and services
  • Get service and support
  • Get repair service…more




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