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University of Phoenix is a University that has physical locations around the U.S. but also offers degree and certification programs that may be attained both on campus and online. They offer schedules 24 hours a day wherever you have access to the internet either on PC or mobile device.

How To Login

If you would like to attend Phoenix University eCampus courses and you have already set up and account you may login easily from any PC or mobile device

Step 1 – Go to  eCampus login


Step 2 – As you arrive to the eCampus login page you will see the login box on the top right of the page. Place your username and password in the appropriate boxes.

Step 3 – Click “login” and you will be taken to your account

Forgot Password – If you’ve discovered that you cannot recall your password there is a solution. Inside of the login box click the link “Forgot Username/Password.” You will be taken to the Forgot Username/Password page. You must first indicate what issue you’re having at sign in and click the bubble next to the issue that requires resolution. Once you have selected the bubble reflecting your issue you will immediately receive options as to how you would like to resolve the problem.

  • Using email
  • Answer security questions and reset password on the student web site
  • Or
  • Secure token validation

Click the bubble next to the option of choice and click continue-On the next page presented, you will be asked how you may be identified

  • By email
  • By IRN
  • By Username

Click the bubble next to the identity method you feel most comfortable with. Next you will be asked for human verification – simply type the characters from the picture into the text box below the picture. Click “Finish” From here you will be guided through the remaining process privately to reset your password.


Mobile Login

Should you wish to use your mobile device to login to your online management account you may download a Phoenix University eCampus mobile app  for your device. You may then enter your username and ID, just the same as you would online for login


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Mobile Applications

The following devices are currently supported by Phoenix Edu.

Once downloading of the mobile app is complete for any one of the supported devices, enter a username and password. You will then be able to login and work online from wherever you are.












How To Register

If you would like to register for online access to an eCampus account you must first go to the login portal for eCampus students


Step 1 – Once you’re on the login page you must go to the Sign Up Here located inside of the login box as a link.

Step 2 – After clicking the link, you will be on the “New User Registration” page where you will begin creating an online account. You will need to provide the following:

  • Create a User Name
  • Create a Password
  • Re-enter your password
  • Birthdate (in the drop down boxes)
  • Email ID
  • Individual Record Number (also known as IRN)
  • Click “register” in the lower left corner and you will have completed registration for your online access account

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