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TD Ameritrade is a U.S. based online personal brokerage account. The company is owned and operated by TD Ameritrade Holdings Corporation. This company offers services such as mutual funds, preferred stocks, ETF’s, margin lending , fixed income as well as cash management services. One would be able to participate in monitoring their private account by PC and/or supported mobile device.

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to




Step 2 – You will find the “login” area at the top right side of the page. Enter your User ID and Password into the respective boxes

Step 3- Click “log in” and you will be taken to your account page

Forgot Password – If you find that you have forgotten your password, you will find a Forgot Password link under the password box on the top right side of the homepage. When you click the link, you will be taken to a page that will help you reset your password. Under “Verify User ID” you will enter your UserID and you Zip/Postal code. You will then click “continue”. From there you will be guided through the remaining processes to reset your password.




Mobile Login

If you would like to work with your account from a mobile device, you may choose to download an app to a supported device. You would then be able to enter a username and password and begin working within your private account from a mobile device







Mobile Applications

Currently TD Ameritrade supports these mobile devices –

Once an app is downloaded to any supported mobile device, you may then login from your mobile device by entering your User ID and Password, click “login” and you will be taken to your TD Ameritrade account where you may begin trading or taking advantage of any of the other services offered.

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How To Enroll

Step 1 –  At the top of any page on this web site you will see a link on the top left of the page that says “Open New Account” – click that link


Step 2 – Once you have arrived at the Open New Account page, you will need just a little time, a social security number and your employer name and address

Step 3 – You will then need to provide the following:

Your Contact Information:

  • Prefix to your name (from the drop down box)
  • First name
  • Middle name (optional)
  • Last name
  • Suffix (optional, from the drop down box)
  • Email address
  • Confirm Email address
  • Best daytime number in which to reach you
  • Secondary number (optional)
  • If you have a number click the box stating as much

Citizenship Status:

  • Make the appropriate selection from the 3 bubbles and click the bubble in front of the situation that applies to you

What type of account do you want to open?

  • First you will click a tab stating the type of account you may be interested
  • Then select the kind of account you would like to have by reviewing and clicking the bubble in front of your selection

At this time, I primarily expect to:

  • Review the situations and select the one that applies to you by clicking the bubble in front of your selection

Are you new to investing? (optional answer- yes or no- click the bubble should you choose to disclose your selection)

Review the TD Ameritrade Privacy Statement and then click the box, if you understand and agree

Step 4 – Click “continue” and you will be guided privately through the remainder of opening your account


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