Online Login |  is a provider of online  access to seniors who would be interested in exploring the possibility of  dating those of their own age group. The general age group is around 50 years and up. Seniors have the opportunity to post photos and create profiles then interact with others who may be interested and visa versa. The site can be accessed free or upgraded for other services if one so desires. The site is available by PC and/or supported mobile devices.

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to



Step 2 –  On the homepage, below the large box you will see a small orange “Login” link. This will take you to the login page.

Step 3 – Enter your email address connected to your account and your password. If you would like the system to remember your email address for you, click the box in front of “Remember Me”

Step 4 – Click “Log In” to be taken to your personal account page

Forgot Password – If you’ve forgotten your password, to the right, on the same login page, click the link just below “Forgot Password” or you may use this link. Once you arrive at the “Forgot Password” page, enter your email address. You will then enter the characters into the code box below. This is simple human verification, you don’t need to bold or underline any of the characters, just type them in the order they are, in the box. Once you click “continue” you will be provided information with regard to resetting your password online.



Mobile Login

If you wish to login to your account from a mobile device you may choose to download one of the apps available for any supported devices.

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Mobile Applications

Currently  supports these devices:

Once you’ve downloaded and app for any one of the supported devices, you will then be able to log in and use your membership on your mobile device.






How To Register

Step 1 – Go to


Step 2 – When you arrive at the homepage, you will very simply click “search now

Step 3 – From here you will be guided through a series of questions with regard to your preferences. As you make your selection, click the “keep going” button at the bottom right of the page until your profile is complete. Once you’ve completed all of your information and agreed to the terms you will have an account. Log in and enjoy your membership.


How to Video