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MSN Hotmail also known as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live is an email service that could be used free of charge or can be upgraded for added service, storage and convenience. This email service is delivered through Microsoft servers. It is available in 36 languages and is available world wide on PC or any supported mobile device.

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to



Step 2 – You will arrive to an Outlook sign in page, this is also considered the MSN Hotmail page

Step 3 – Once you arrive to the login page, in the first box you will type in your user email address. You will then enter your password in the box directly below the email user ID area

Step 4 – If you would like to be kept signed in simply click the box next to “Keep me signed in.” * Please remember that this is not advisable if you are using a shared device or logging in on a public computer as it’s likely that the security of your account and/or information could be compromised

Step 5 – Click the blue “sign in” button at the bottom of the page

Forgot Password – If you’ve forgotten your ID or password, directly below the “sign in”- click the “Can’t access your account” link. You will be sent to a page to assist you in recovering access to your account.


  • Click the appropriate bubble next to the issue you are experiencing and then click “next.” –
  • You will then arrive at a “Recover your account ” page, where you will put your user email address in the email box.
  • Hotmail will require human verification. Type the characters that are present into the text box
  • Click Next
  • From this point you will be prompted privately through the process of acquiring a new password at which point you will then be able to login to your MSN Hotmail account

Mobile Login

If you would like to use your mobile device to access your account, you may download an app for any of the devices that hotmail supports. You would sign in from a mobile device the same way as you would on a PC. You will experience all of the same features on a mobile device.


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Mobile Applications

MSN Hotmail (Outlook- Windows Live) currently support the following mobile devices:

Once you have downloaded the app for your respective device, simply enter your user email address and password and begin using your hotmail on your mobile device






How To Register

Step 1 – Go to or if you’re already on the login page, you can go to the bottom of the page and click “Sign up now


Step 2 –  You will be taken to a “Create an Account” page where you will be able to create a Hotmail account.

Step 3 –  You will need to provide the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Create a User name
  • Create a Password
  • Re-enter the password
  • Country/Region – (select from the drop down box)
  • Birthdate –  (select from the drop down boxes)
  • Gender – (select from the drop down box)
  • Country Code for your phone number –  (select from the drop down box)
  • Telephone number

Step 4 – Hotmail requires human verification. Type the characters that are presented into the text box below them.

Step 5 – If you would like promotional offers from Microsoft, leave the box selected, if not, un-check the box

Step 6 – Click “Create account” and enjoy your new MSN Hotmail email account


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