Merrill Lynch Online Login

Merrill Lynch is a wealth management group that has been acquired by and is now a division of Bank of America. They provide financial and investment services among other financial products and services to individuals, small businesses and corporations domestic and global. These services may be accessed online or by a mobile device.

How To Login

If you would like to login to Merrill Lynch –

Step 1 – Go to Merrill Lynch Online Login


Step 2 – Enter your user ID

Step 3 – If you would like the system to remember your user ID so that you won’t need to enter it at each session, simply click the box next to “remember me” – If you are using a public PC or a shared mobile device, it is not advised that you have the system remember your user ID, as it’s possible to have your private information compromised

Step 4 – Click “continue” – you will be taken to the next page where you will be asked to enter your password

Forgot Password – If you have forgotten your password go to the “Forgot Password” link and  enter your user ID. Click continue and you will be guided through the remaining steps, privately, to reset your password


Mobile Login

If you would like to review your accounts from a mobile device you may choose to download a Merrill Lynch app for your respective mobile device. You would then be able to login from your device to review your account(s)



Mobile Applications

The current mobile devices supported by Merrill Lynch are:

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After the appropriate app has been downloaded to a supported device, you will be able to login with a user ID and password to review and use your account







How To Enroll

If you have not enrolled for your account, but would like to –

Step 1 – Go to the login box and click the “Enroll now” link

Step 2 – Enter your account number, letters and numbers with no dashes

Step 3 – Click “Continue”

Step 4 – Once you click the continue button, you have begun the enrollment process. The system will now guide you securely through enrollment by asking for all of your personal and account information

Step 5 – After your enrollment process is complete, you will be able to enter your user name and password into the log in area and review your accounts online or from a mobile device. You may also wish to review any information regarding products and services offered that you may be interested in considering

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