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JPay is a communications and provisions system, within the United States corrections system, that allows family and friends of inmates more access by email, VideoGram and/or video visitation than any other service in the country. This service helps keep inmates and families in closer contact than conventional traveling visits. The company also offers other convenient services. Email and video service may be accessed by PC and/or supported mobile devices.

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to





Step 2 – When you reach the homepage, click the bright green “Login” button at the top right of the page.

Step 3 – In the Login area of the page, you would then enter your email address and password for the account. Click login and you will be able to begin communicating with your inmate.

Forgot Password – If you are unable to remember your password, while you are inside of the login area, click the “Forgot Password” link. You would then enter your email address and click “continue.”  This will take you to an area where you  will be prompted through, by the system, to verify your identity at which point you will then have the opportunity to  reset your password



Mobile Login

If you would like to do business with through a mobile device, you will need to download a compatible app. At that point you will be able to do business from your respective mobile device



Mobile Applications

The current supported devices are as follows:

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After you have downloaded the app to the appropriate device, you may enter your email and password for login. You will then be able to work within the system for any of the various available inmate services








How To Register

Step 1 – Go to



Step 2 – Your location to sign up for services is located on the homepage. You will need to locate your inmate and enter an inmate number. If you do not know the location or inmate number, click on the “Don’t know the ID #” link. Follow the instructions there to locate and access the inmate you’re attempting to reach

Step 3 – If you do, in fact, have all of the information required, simply select the state, inmate number and click “next,” so that you may be prompted through the system to reach your inmate. Jpay offers other services to assist you in keeping close contact with your inmate and assisting in providing other things they may need while they are incarcerated. Explore the web site for further information.

How to Video