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Hotschedules offers a cloud-based suite of integrated POS applications that assist any restaurant owner and/or manager with various tasks ie; scheduling of employees, tools to assist with work force management, hospitality, retailers and more.

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to from any browser



Step 2 – Once you’ve arrived at the homepage click the “Login” button at the top right corner of the homepage.

Step 3 – Type in your username and password then click “login”

Forgot Password – In the lower portion of the “Login” box, there are two links to enable you to recover and User ID or reset a password – Click the password link and type in your username. Hotschedules will send you and email containing a link with instructions to reset your password.


Mobile Login

Mobile login will be necessary with a Hotschedules system.  You will simply download the app for your respective device and you will be able to enter your username and password to login with a mobile device and use the system as needed.









Mobile Applications

Hotschedules apps support these devices:

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How To Register

For more information with regard to how Hotschedules could change the way you run your business you may

  • fill out an online request for an agent to email at the email address you provide on the form
  • You may email
  • or you may contact the sales department if you prefer to speak with someone in person with regard to any questions you may have about the product and discuss any possibilities.
  • The telephone number to their sales department is 866.753.3853
  • Should you decide you would like to integrate this system into your business you and your staff will be trained to use the system to maximize it’s potential

In the meantime you’re welcome to explore the website at

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