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Geico Renter Insurance is insurance that protects the contents or personal property contained within your rental unit. This insurance also protects you in the event you have a visitor or someone inside the unit you are renting in the event they become injured while they are visiting. There are many advantages to maintaining rental insurance.

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to


Since Geico Rental Insurance is underwritten by many partner companies, there is no login necessary to manage your rental insurance account. No matter what changes, claims or payments that need to be made, they will be made by email, telephone or USPS mail.

Step 2 – In order to make changes or payments or even if you simply need further information, you will go to the “please select” drop down box at the bottom of the “Manage And Make Payments to Your Renters Policy” page.

Step 3 – Click the arrow in the drop down box to locate the company in which your renters policy is maintained. Once you locate the company you’re working with, click the name and it will bring fourth all of the information you need to make contact with your renter insurance company. Geico contact information will be there as well.

Sample of Company Information From Renter Insurance Companies



Mobile Login

If you have your renter insurance bundled with auto insurance or any other Geico product that requires login you will still use your login area on the homepage at . As well, you may still acquire an app to explore the web site whether or not you bundle or simply purchase a policy that does not require login.


 Mobile Applications

Currently Geico supports the following devices:

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After you’ve downloaded an app to your respective device, you will be able to login with your email address, User ID or policy number, to explore products and service; as well you will be able to acquire quotes and even purchase policies from your PC or mobile device. Remember some policies with some of the the products are underwritten by partner companies and will not require login for payment.


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How To Enroll

Step 1 – Go to

Own peace of mind with renters insurance


Step 2 – To enroll with Geico for renters insurance, you must first go to the web site homepage and go to the renter link. Click the link to get a quote. You will be taken to  under “your policy” where you will be provided with contact information to acquire a quote for renter insurance that will meet your particular needs. The quote process for getting renters insurance quotes will still be established through Geico but will be underwritten from one of the company partners. If you bundle more than type of policy with Geico you will likely need such as auto or motorcycle insurance, you will also receive an online management area, however, renters insurance payments will still be made by phone, email or usps mail.