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Facebook is a social networking website that has become well known world wide and is available in 37 languages. Any registered user, once securely logged in will be able to connect with friends and family (among others) and customize their page with their own profile, send messages, upload photographs and much more.

How To Login

Step 1 – Using your browser, navigate to the Facebook home page at www.facebook.com – You will arrive at the welcome screen.


Step 2 – Type in the email address you had used to create your account when you registered

Step 3 – You will then type into the “password” box, the private password you had created at registration

Step 4 – Click the “Login” button – should you choose to remain logged in, you have the option of selecting “keep me logged in” which will make constant login unnecessary when you visit your page- This is not advisable, however, if you use a shared or public computer inasmuch as your privacy would likely be compromised. If you would like to remain private simply leave that particular box unchecked

You are now logged into your account via computer

Login From a Mobile Device

Step 1 – If you choose to login to your account from a mobile device you would have the opportunity to do so by downloading the app from your respective mobile phone or tablet, if you haven’t already. Once you have downloaded the app for your specific device you won’t need to login to Facebook from a browser.

Step 2 – Open the app on your device. If it is the first time you are using the app, you will be asked for your email address and password that you had used to create your account with initially. Once you have logged in the first time with this information from your device, future logins will be automatic from your device. If you choose not to remain logged in, simply sign out from the menu on your device.

Note: If at any point you have forgotten your password, simply click the “forgot password” link beneath the sign in boxes and follow the prompts provided, to reset your password.

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Mobile Applications

Facebook Mobile Applications enable the user to do everything on Facebook on their mobile device that they would do as if they were using a personal computer. Once you have downloaded any of the desired applications, you will be automatically signed in and have the ability to create any changes you wish. If you’re login in for the first time with your device, simply type in your device number and password. Facebook now has applications for IOS, Android, Windows, basically any smart phone you’re using currently or intend to use in the future.


How To Register

Simply go to your browser and type in www.facebook.com. Once you’ve reached this location you will be on the Facebook “sign up” page. To sign up is easy. Simply provide the following information:


Step 1 – Enter the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address or mobile number
  • Re-enter your email address or mobile number
  • Password- create a password you can remember
  • Enter your birthday in the drop down boxes
  • Select your gender

In order to acquire a Facebook account, you must agree to the terms and data policy information. You must also understand the cookie use. Review the following information in the links located just above the “sign up” button.

  • Terms
  • Data Policy
  • Cookie Use
  • Click the “sign up” button to agree to all
  • Your account is ready to use
  • Sign in

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