Corrlinks Inmate Email Login |

Corrlinks is a email secure server that helps individuals who have family or friends in prison to be able to contact through their e-mail system. In partnership with ATG (Advanced Technologies Group), corrections facilities allow their inmates to communicate to outsiders with an email address.

How to Login

A family member or loved one can go to This WebPage and enter your Email Address and Password on file with the system. Afterwards you will be logged in and able to write messages to the inmate.


Login From a Mobile Device

If you are on a mobile device you may login by either downloading one of the apps for your phone or going to the Mobile Website. The mobile site contains the same features as the standard login on a personal computer.


Mobile Applications

Currently there are only mobile applications available for Android and Apple (iOS) devices. After downloading enter your email and password and be able to communicate instantly.

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How to Register

An outsider may register by going to This WebPage and enter the following: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Re-Type Email Address, Choose a Password, Re-Type Your Password, and the Identification Code you received in an Email. Click the Terms and Conditions and press the Next button.



Block Contact With an Inmate

If you would like to no longer receive communication from an inmate you may go to This WebPage and enter your Email and Identification Code. This will not allow any future requests from the inmate to you and have you successfully opt-out of the Corrlinks program.


How to Video