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AT&T Wireless is one part of the larger AT&T network. The wireless division specializes in mobile devices and service for mobile devices such as cell phones, pads and tablets .

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to from any browser



Step 2 – Go to the login box on the right side of the homepage

Step 3 – Since you will be logging in from a mobile device you would use your 10 digit phone number as your ID and enter your password – Go to This page for wireless account login

Step 4 – If you wish to save your phone number in the user ID box check the box next to “Save User ID” Don’t check this if you are using a shared device or if you are on a public computer

Step 5 – Click “log in” and you will be taken to your online account page

Forgot Password – If you have forgotten your password, from the sign in box you may click the “Password” link. You will be taken to a “Forgot User ID/Password” page where you will be able to put in your 10 digit phone number and your last name. You will click continue and be prompted through the steps needed to acquire a new password

Mobile Login

If you would like to like to go to your account online from your wireless device, go to the top of the home page to “My AT&T” when you hover over that with your cursor, you will then go to “Wireless” and click, then go to “Log in to manage your account”  This is for wireless accounts only – Enter your 10 digit phone number and password, you will then be taken to your wireless online management account


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Mobile Applications

The following devices are currently supported by AT&T:

Once a supported app has been downloaded, put in your 10 digit phone number and password. You will then be able to login to your online wireless account










How To Register

Step 1 –  Go to the sign in box to the Register Today link

Step 2 – Select Wireless in the drop down box

Step 3 – Create and ID and Password

Step 4 – Confirm your account in email

Step 5 – Once your account is set up, login to your account with your 10 digit phone number and password to access your account page for your wireless account


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